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While dance is Helena's chief muse it is not her only outlet. She also:

  • Holds a Business Degree with a minor in Sports Psychology from Orebro University in Sweden. She studied together with other high-level athletes (Olympic Games & World Championships Competitors)

  • Functions as a business consultant and auditor for fortune 500 companies on their Internal Health & Safety, Environmental, and Quality Management Systems.

  • Local SWEA (Swedish Women Educational Association) chapter President in Philadelphia

  • Authored the self-help book “There is Light: Keys to Releasing the Demons in our Minds and Welcoming Love, Joy, and Confidence”

  • Created a full Nutrition, Health and Fitness program “From Now 2 Fit” launching early 2021

  • Makes her own natural health supplements and loves healthy nutritious cooking  

  • Studied Clothing Design prior to College, continues to make/design apparel and paints as a hobby


A significant aspect of Helena's foundation is her Christian spiritual faith, holistic nature, devotion to family, commitment to charitable endeavors, and her Swedish heritage.

“Genom Gud är allt möjligt,
för Gud är Kärlek, och Kärlek är Gud.”

“Through God all things are possible
for God is Love, and Love is God”.

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