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Before I drop the ball and tell you exactly what the ultimate and by far the number one question clients ask me about their weight loss is... Can you take a guess?

Here is a scenario, imagine you have lost about half your weight loss goals and are starting to see major changes in your body, energy and people all around you are giving you compliments left and right. On top of that, you feel incredible and proud of what you have accomplished so far! What is the one questions you are going to have?

A natural question would be something like "how do I keep going"?

I bet you can't guess this one!

The number one question has nothing to do with your exercise routine. Nothing to do with your diet and nutrition. And nothing to do with what outfit to retire out of your closet, or redo to fit your new body...

...The number one questions asked is about skin! Skincare!

Yup, I know, at a glance it looks odd, but if you have done the work of weight loss you know there is a part of your body that may not work as fast at tightening up, and that is your skin. The older you get, the slower your skin regeneration is, generally. (and last time I checked, we aren't getting younger... however, slimming down will make you look and feel younger!)

If your skin is already showing signs of aging, there is going to be times during your weight loss where you feel like your skin is looking dull to say the least. More wrinkles, sagging skin in areas you have lost a lot of inches/centimeters in. The abdominal area is a common one. However, as you can cover up your belly to the best of your ability at any time during the year, when it comes to your face, it is not as easy (aside for wearing covid masks). The wrinkles are going to show, and the skin is going to sag...

Don't worry!

Scary thought, I know!!! But listen, don't run away to the nearest Botox & fillers clinic. This experience is temporary and something we take into consideration at HELSA. Losing weight like the magazine ads promise: "lose 15 lbs. in 7 days" or "drop 10 inches in 30 days" is not The HELSA Method. That for sure will make your skin sag more than just a little!!! And there is a slight chance the only way to get over it is to go under the knife. We don't want that!

At HELSA we take your skin into one of the major considerations when creating your individualized plan. If you do things right, your skin will sag --- a little! It then will transform into a firmer more radiant skin. The skin is just slightly slower than the rest of the body to adapt to a new size (hence why we get stretchmarks if we gain too much "too fast"). So let's chill for a second, our skin is really just trying to do its thing and keeping up with our lifestyles. Don't blame the skin for one single thing! We are the ones putting it through the ringer!!!

Now you know to consider your skin as well when jumping into your weight loss journey. The good part is that there are a few very easy things you can do to be of assistance. Think skin regeneration, nurture, and radiance (once again, don't run off to the clinic). The most important thing for you to do though, is to entrust this whole journey to HELSA. Join today and we will take care of the rest!

Now, that I got that out there we can talk about what you can do right now to nurture your skin, every day! Weight loss or not! This applies to all you peeps out there. Yes, men too!

Hydration I know you know this, but drinking water is key in keeping not just your skin radiant but also to help flush out the byproducts and help your entire body regenerate every single day. Drinking water throughout the day is better than chugging full glasses in one sitting as your body can't process it anyway.

Exfoliating The number one way to exfoliate your skin is dry brushing! Forget the sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, coffee scrubs, chemical peels, and what not... No!!! Use the all natural dry brush! Use it as you wake up in the morning before applying anything to your skin. We want the skin to be dry. Your skin will feel instantly soft and you have amped up your blood circulation that will go into all creases and wrinkles filling them in. On top of it, you have created enough havoc for your skin to create its own collagen. This is a win-win-win!!!

Moisturizing Finish up your skin protocol like the cherry on top with a good moisturizer. Add extra! What is so great about today's hot looks is that glowing skin is a thing. We don't have to matt everything down with powders and cover up all our pores, it usually doesn't end well for our poor skin. So add extra moisturizer, I prefer the natural stuff like shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E oil and so forth. Nature has the means, use it and love it.

Now go on and have a great day! Every day!

HELSA - Transform Body Mind Health... AND YOUR SKIN!

Join for free today and receive a consultation and an individualized plan made just for you!


Helena Berggren



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